Soriano Clutch Hit; AGAIN

The day after the Cubs took it on the chin from the Cards and the day that Zambrano just did not have it, the Cubbies were looking for a hero. Once again Alfonso Soriano filled the bill.

In a game that meant a two game swing in the standings most Cub fans would be happy to see Zambrano on the mound. Well, today they would be disappointed as Carlos served up two long balls to Ludwick and a total of seven earned runs.

Who-oh-who would possibly step up and put this in the “W” column for the Cubs? Well down by one, Mr. Soriano comes to the plate in the eight inning with one on and one out. Fonzi was 0 for 4 batting to this point and was having problems with the slider. With the count 1-2 Perez comes back with the third slider in a row. This one was low and split the plate. Soriano, loving the low balls, drove it on a line to center and into the bleachers! Cubs up 8-7.

The top of the ninth showcased a shaky Marmol to start; walking the first batter, then hitting Pujols. Carlos II would get Ludwick swinging, the man who went long on Carlos I twice, and then Greene hit into a double play to end it. Cubs win 8-7. Hero Soriano.

So the man I chastised last year and again this year has forced me to put my foot in my mouth AGAIN. Congrats Fonzi and keep showing me up…I love it! Cubs Century Is Here!

Colorado, Marquis Rock Cubs

I waited as long as I could before I sat down for another portion of crow, but as Zig Ziglar use to say, “If you know that you gotta eat a frog, you don’t want to stare at it too long.”, so here goes;

Marquis held the Cubs in check. In fact he pitched great. He also got the first two RBI with a nice hit to center. AND the runner that was thrown out at third after his hit was SAFE.

I don’t know anything about baseball.

Cubs Century Is Here.

Cubs Win Home Opener

Well it was a typical cold rainy day for the Cubs home opener, but that did not slow the boys of summer down. The leader of the bunch; Ted Lilly. Ted went 6 2/3 innings of no-hit ball until Garrett Atkins stroked a solid ground ball through the infield and into left field. That would be all the Rockies would get as Guzman, Heilman and Gregg would finish where Lilly started.

With the bull pen being the big question for the Cubs this year, the trio finishing as they did out of the pen was quite a highlight.

Another highlight of the game; the Cubs walked nine times. Yep, even though yesterday I said this was how the Brewer’s gave us the game, it is apparent the Cubs are seeing the ball well and being patient. The lack of this skill was a complaint Cub fans have had for years, with the exception of last year, so seeing it continue is another plus.

With three of last year’s All Stars in Soto, Ramirez and Bradley nursing injuries, the day off tomorrow will be welcomed. The boys are back in action Wednesday with Harden going against ex-Cub Marquis. Those that have followed my blog know I’m not a fan of Marquis and will look for the Cubs bats to give him a rude homecoming. Let’s hope. Cubs Century Is Here!

Brewers Lose!

I’d say Cubs win but, when four runs are walked in and you win by three, the game was handed to you. So you say thank you and get out of town with two out of three. Trust me, we will take it, because baseball being what it is I’m sure I’ll write a blog titled “Cubs Lose!” before the year is over.

Although the game was handed to us I would be remiss if I did not give a BIG shout out to Johnson for another amazing play in right field. Is there anything this guy can’t catch? Last year he must have made four or five web-gem plays and already in this embryonic season he has scored another one. With the bags loaded and the Cubs up by four Fielder steps to the plate. Bang, he blasts one to right field and Johnson got on his horse. With a big leap and one foot on the wall, Reed timed it perfectly and corralled it above the yellow line; yes he stole a grand slam from the Prince! What did Prince Fielder do? He tipped his helmet; class act.

Two road series, two road series won. You can’t ask for much more for the beginning of your season. Now it’s time to go home and take care of business against the Rockies. Cubs Century Is Here.

Soriano Clutch Hit

Mmmmmmmmmm…this crow taste good. One day after lambasting Alfonso Soriano for his inept play in the field, and throwing in his inability to get a clutch hit in for good measure, I am sitting down for some tasty crow.

I was even ready to write how, Soriano, would have blown it in the seventh if not for a bad call at first base. With the bags loaded Soriano hit a ground ball to short for what looked to be a routine double play. But Mr. Soriano beat out the throw to first…or so it was called. A replay clearly showed he should have been out. I was ready for bear.

Then after a complete breakdown by the bull pen in the bottom of the seventh, the Cubs were down 5-3. They would go on to get one in the eight, and then in the ninth with one on and one out, the game on the line, Mr. Alfonso Soriano, in the clutch, would blast one to left. Cubs up 6-5.

This brings me to a discussion I had with a friend of mine. He said the Cubs knew what they were getting when they picked up Soriano and it was Lou’s fault last game for leaving Soriano in on defense in the bottom of the ninth. Well, friend of mine, this is why it wasn’t Lou’s fault…Soriano, when he is hot, is a game changer. Did I say that out loud?

I’m sorry, I’m glad he got the clutch hit but, Soriano frustrates me. Hopefully by the end of the season that will change. As of right now he has been the goat and the champ. Let the games begin.

Once again the cubs have a chance to win the series and that’s what you want; one game at a time and then one series at a time. Tomorrow it’s Dempster vs. Suppan, even though Suppan was roughed up his first outing I think at home you have to give the edge to the Brewers. Let’s go get them! Cubs Century Is Here!

Soriano Just Bad In Left

Welcome to the Cubs Mr. Bradley, he gets his first hit…a homer run.

Down 2-1 in the sixth Hill gets Harden off the hook for the loss with a two-run homer; Cubs lead 3-2. Marmol comes in the seventh and gets the Cubs out of a bags loaded situation. They go into the ninth up 3-2. Then with a man on Weeks hits a line drive to left and…Soriano miss plays it.

With a half step in as his first move and a haphazard effort to compensate for the miss read, Soriano watches the ball sail over his head. A run scores to tie the game. Weeks will later score from third on a ground ball to Theriot.

Soriano at the plate was 0 for 5. Does this guy frustrate anybody else but me? I can’t stand him. Yes, he will get his occasional lead-off homer run, but does he EVER come through in the clutch? He might be the worst outfielder I’ve seen in my life. The Brewer’s Fielder covers more ground at first than Soriano does in left. He can’t read the ball off the bat and his patented bunny-hop before a routine fly drives me crazy. From my end Alfonso gets an “F” in the field and a “C” at the plate…I can sure find better ways to spend $16 million.

Put this one in the “L” column with an asterisk and Soriano as the footnote.

Let’s go to even the series tomorrow. Cubs Century Is Here.

Extra Innings Kill Cubs

After a late inning home run by Soriano to tie the game, the Cubs cough and then choke in extra innings to lose.

This game is an example of what frustrates me about the Cubs the last few years. They get a good outing from their pitcher and the big bats in this line-up just can’t come through with the big hit. Grant it Soriano tied it late but there were many situations earlier where a clutch hit brings in a run as opposed to hitting into a double play. Instead we go into extra innings and into a shell.

Two innings in a row the Cubs pitchers put the first two men on and both innings the Astros went against the odds and did not bunt. In the ninth the Cubs escaped but the Astros were not to be denied in the 10th. After a fly out left men at first and third the Cubs intentionally walked the bases loaded and a ground ball to left won it for the Stros.

The Cubs will not go undefeated this year but a wise baseball fan reminded me of a simple fact; the best team and the worst team will lose 60 games in a year, and the best team and the worst team will win 60 games in a year. It is what is done with the other 42 games that determines the winners from the losers.

The Cubs have one in each of their 60 columns, with Lilly going tomorrow it’s time to put one in the 42 column. Cubs Century Is Here

That’s One

Well opening the season with a win for the club is good. Also good was the fact that I was vacationing in Marco Island with the family which made it hard for me to watch the game. This was good because the Cubs started the season with a win without me hanging on every pitch.

The guys who are paid to put runs on the board: Soriano & Ramirez, did, the man that is paid to keep runs off the board, Zambrano, did. Big pitch-hit RBI from Hoffpauir.

All in all a good start to the season. Dempster starts tonight, let’s see if he can pick up where he left off last season.

You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first one. Cubs Century Is Here!

Here I Go Again – Smarter?

Okay, it’s been five months and I am just about over my tantrum.

After two of the most devastating seasons as a Cub fan I think I might have finally had a revaluation; just because the Cubs haven’t won it all in 100 years, doesn’t mean they deserve to win, should win or will win the World Series. Grant it I’ve been thinking this since the 100 number was around 63 but I don’t want to have another tantrum.

I actually watched a few innings of the Cubs/Soxs game last night and didn’t throw-up. Hopefully by opening day I can ween myself to a full game. We’ll see.

Here’s my hope for the season; make the playoffs and WIN a game. Anything less will yes, be disappointing, but like any other addict I have to take it one day at a time.

Cubs – Worst Team In The History Of Baseball

Wow, what a display the last two years, swept in round one both times.

No fight, no character, just pathetic, and I’ve supported this team for 37 years. What does that make me? Pathetic.

I was thinking, in my family lineage, only my great-grandfather would have been alive to see the Cubs win the World Series in 1908 but he died before I was born. Nobody in my family can even attest to the Cubs winning a World Series. Nobody alive today could possibly have a cognizant memory of the Cubs winning the World Series. Heck, they would have to be at least 110. How absolutely pathetic.

I’ve never seen a team play with such fear, such trepidation. They truly played like they did not belong. They were completely man handled. Beaten like a red headed step child.
The absolute worst team in the history of major league baseball, what a complete and utter disgrace to the game.

Somebody please buy this team and move it to Tibet.

I HATE being a Cub fan.

If somebody has a 12 step program for Cub fans please email me with it. If not maybe I’ll start a support group.


Congratulations to the LA Dodgers. Manny is the real deal – 5 for 10 – Wow – Go show Chicago how baseball should be played.